Long Beach, Wa

A recent trip to Long Beach on the coast of southwest Washington proved once again that time off can help enrich the sometimes barren landscape of the creative mind.  At last that’s the takeaway so that I can convince myself to take a vacation again soon.  Amidst the kite flying-beach-combing-bbq-ing I watched the sky open up at night and had to take a stroll in the dark.  Night photography has been a passion of mine since my first photo class in high school and with the introduction of digital technology and the ongoing advancement of light sensitivity it’s literally a whole new world through the lens.  Here’s a couple of my favorites:

Beach Grass at Night
Beach Grass at Night
Night Self Portrait
Night Self Portrait

Note: the self portrait title comes from my shadow in the center of the frame that wasn’t visible until I saw it later on the computer screen.

Luxe – Meyer | Wells

I always look forward to hearing from Luxe magazine as their call means a new introduction to another one of Seattle’s amazing artists.  And this call was no exception.  This portrait request was for Meyer | Wells who design and build beautiful wooden furniture.  Seth Meyer, a master craftsman started the company with John Wells’ experience as an a acclaimed furniture designer.  Much of the material they use is local urban reclaimed wood, including perfect full grown trees, that for various reasons cities remove from private and public spaces.  Their huge shop is filled with beautiful natural light and super high ceilings.  Even though I am not a woodworker and without a doubt overlook much of the subtle elements of a shop, just standing in that space was incredibly inspiring.  The location we chose for the portrait was a hallway of various wooden planks that clients can hand select for custom designed pieces.  The collection and variety in that hallway alone would be enough to make most woodworkers drool.

John and Seth were awesome to work with, showing a great sense of humor and humility which made for some wonderfully candid shots.  They showed me some pieces that were in the process of being finished.  And seeing the richly stained and polished wood gave me a nice full circle vision of the approach that is their business.  I’ve said it before and I maintain that the greatest gift photography has given me is the intense appreciation of the time, patience and expertise that it takes for all people to competently perform any given job, task, or creation.